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4 Things No One Told You About IVF

4 Things No One Told You About IVF


Although IVF is one of today’s most popular treatment options, many couples still feel unprepared going into their IVF cycle. The IVF specialists at Sincera share their insight on what to expect during an IVF cycle.

  1. There are frequent appointments. While less aggressive treatment options require some follow up, IVF is a larger commitment with appointments almost every other day during the stimulation phase. To properly monitor follicular growth and make necessary changes to your medications, fertility specialists require these frequent follow up appointments that include blood work and ultrasounds.
  2. It’s just as much emotional as it is physical. We all know that giving yourself daily injections, having countless blood draws and ultrasounds are all a part of the process, however; what some patients don’t prepare for is the emotional burden fertility treatment can put on a couples. It’s important to remember that support groups are available both in person and online. Sharing your feelings with family or friends can also be helpful to assist you through the process. 
  3. Financial counselors are important. Insurance coverage, authorizations, selecting the correct IVF package – it can all be overwhelming. Making such an investment requires someone who understands both your financial situation and clinical recommendation. Having an experienced financial counselor can make all the difference in alleviating the burden of fertility treatment.
  4. You’ll become close with your care team. No matter the outcome, we frequently have patients who are upset to leave Sincera and either graduate to their OB/GYN practice, or pursue other family building endeavors. Throughout the months of appointments, phone calls, and personal care, you develop close relationships with your care team. They become the ones who provide not only clinical recommendations, but the encouragement and understanding you need during treatment. 

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