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Your First Visit

There’s no mystery behind your first appointment. When you come in for your first consultation, you’ll meet with one of our physicians, discuss what we know about your health, medical history, and the role each may play in your struggles. As a team, we’ll discuss next steps that you are comfortable with. Ultimately, this is the start of an exciting journey we’ll take together.

Review of medical history

Our providers will review your medical history based on past medical records and the health history form that you complete prior to your appointment.

Getting to know you as a patient

We personalize our care to you and your specific needs. Our providers’ goal is to get to know you at an individual level to better serve you.

Order testing

After your evaluation and conversation with a provider, they will order appropriate fertility testing for you. The most commonly ordered tests include an ultrasound, Day-3 bloodwork including FSH, LH, E2, often a saline or x-ray HSG, hysteroscopy, and semen analysis.

Potential treatment options

We will discuss what treatment options may work best for you and give you an overview of what your journey may look like with Sincera.

Answering Your Questions

Our consultations revolve around helping you through your journey with Sincera. We want you to leave your first appointment feeling aware and confident in your next steps. Let’s get started together.

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