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Donor Egg

A donor egg treatment plan involves using IVF with a carefully screened and selected egg donor, instead of using your own eggs. The egg donor’s treatment cycle is timed in correlation with the recipient’s own cycle to prepare her body for embryo transfer. The donated egg can be fertilized with either sperm from the recipient’s spouse/partner or can be fertilized with donor sperm.

When using an egg donor, there are two options to choose from.

Fresh Egg Donor

Using a fresh egg donor means that you are choosing from Sincera’s list of potential donors who are waiting to begin their IVF cycle to retrieve eggs. The eggs have not yet been retrieved, and a fresh embryo transfer is available.

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Frozen Eggs

When selecting from frozen eggs, donated eggs are available immediately as they have already been retrieved. Once the donated egg profile is selected and the recipient’s uterus is prepared, our embryology team would thaw and fertilize the eggs with either partner/spouse’s sperm or donor sperm. Once the embryo has reached day 5 of fertilization, the recipient would have a frozen embryo transfer.

Donor Egg Recipients

There are a variety of reasons that someone may be a potential candidate to be a recipient of a donor egg. Listed below are the most common indications.

Previous ovarian failure
Poor egg quality
Past failed IVF treatment cycles
Have a past medical history of cancer or ovarian removal

Become an Egg Donor

Being an egg donor means that you are providing the most special gift to a couple in need. Our anonymous egg donation program has a robust database of quality and diverse potential egg donors. All egg donors receive $8,000 compensation for their time and effort to help build families. If you are a healthy woman who meets the below criteria, apply online today.

Between the ages of 21-28
BMI under 30
Commitment to treatment and travel in the Fort Washington, PA, area

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