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Egg Freezing

Fertility preservation allows you to take control of your biological clock and start a family when you are ready. This technology preserves your eggs at their most optimal state for future use. As women age, egg quality decreases, which can make it difficult to conceive later in life. To avoid difficulty getting pregnant in the future, many women choose to freeze their eggs.

Egg Freezing Candidates

Healthy women who meet IVF criteria are able to safely preserve their eggs. There are a variety of women who come to Sincera for fertility preservation however, the most common are:

Single women
Women who are postponing pregnancy
Women with a family history of early menopause

The Process

The process of collecting the eggs is similar to an IVF cycle (without fertilization), in order to induce follicle formation and retrieve the maximum number of eggs safely possible to freeze within a single treatment cycle. Eggs can then be stored and thawed for years, or even decades, until the woman is prepared to start her family.

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Ovarian Stimulation
Ovarian Stimulation Injectable medications work to stimulation the egg follicles in your ovaries.
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Egg Retrieval
Eggs are retrieved in the comfort of our office, with patients going home same day.
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After retrieval, eggs are safely frozen and stored for future use.

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