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Individuals with Cancer

Illness should not stop you from living your dreams later in life. If you’ve been diagnosed with cancer, the Sincera team is here to help you preserve your fertility. You’ve got a fight ahead of you, and we’re pleased to bring peace of mind that parenthood can still be achievable one day.

We understand the sense of urgency in these situations, which is why we quickly get patients started with their treatment cycles. Sincera also works with various discount programs to offer cancer patients affordable fertility medications.

Egg Freezing

Prior to undergoing cancer treatments that can be potentially damaging to egg quality, women are able to cryopreserve their eggs and store them onsite for future use through an FET (Frozen Embryo Transfer) cycle when they are ready to begin building their family.    
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Embryo Freezing

If you are in a relationship and wish to preserve your fertility prior to undergoing cancer treatments, then the option of freezing embryos is an option. These embryos can remain frozen for years to come, enabling couples to conceive in the future through an FET (Frozen Embryo Transfer) cycle.
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